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Cremas Beach Challenge

GReat thanks to everyone who made this a fantastic tournament!

Pictures can be found here

18-19th March 2017 - 8th edition of CBC

CBC is a no-frills all-women beach tournament for all ladies who want a weekend of beach ultimate. Just for you, we are hosting the 8th edition of the Cremas Beach Challenge on Castelldefels Beach.

Team fee 150€, player fee 85€. The fee includes: To register, send an email to: cbc.cremas(a)gmail.com

If your team needs some more women, let us know. If you don´t have a team but would like to come and play, let us know.

RESults Cremas beach challenge 2017

  1. Spain Women
  2. Swiss Women National Team
  3. German Women
  4. National French Women
  5. Las Maestras - Spain Master
  6. Dutch Women Masters team
  7. WOW
  8. Danish Master
  9. French Women Master
  10. Brew
  11. Cremas
  12. Piranyes
  13. Chupa
  14. Crazy Dogs Women Switzerland

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