Foggasa 2010 - Resumen del torneo

26 ABRIL 2010, por Jim Shur

The Bravas took a team to the Fogassa beach tournament last weekend in Grande Motte, France.  It really felt like the first weekend of summer, especially day two, a very sunny sunday in the sand! Although it was an open tournament, we played almost all our points 3 men and 2 women, and for most of those at least one of our women matched up against an opposing man. If you want to know how to say, "Sorry, boy, that's my disc" in French, just ask one of Anna, Elli, Jos, or Julie.

There were 15 teams organized into three pools of five. After some of us managed to turn a ten minute walk to the beach from the camping into a 45 minute excursion, ("Où est la plage?!"), we had a good warm-up for our first match against TDCHIRE (Clermont-Ferrand). The game started well and we built up a bit of a lead. Maybe we got too comfortable being ahead as they made serveral points consecutively and closed the gap to tie the score as time ran out. Their continuing momentum brought them the final point at the cap, making us 0-1 to start things off and feeling sorry to have let the game get away from us.

Game two was against MONKEY FOO (Grenoble). Here they were the better team and generally controlled the match. We had some good moments and scored some nice goals, but made more mistakes, which they capitalized on to defeat us with a final score of 10-5. Now 0-2 maybe we were feeling a bit discouraged. We had a break before our final match of the first day so took the opportunity to get a pizza and refuel. That pizza that would change everything; a cheesy turning point to the weekend! Perked up with some food in our stomachs, we went into game three with a plan to play zone defense as there was a bit of wind and our opponents, the second DISCOBOLS team (Nîmes) were somewhat less experienced. It worked. We got ahead and we stayed ahead. We remembered the first game and didn't let up this time. We had our first victory at 9-5, ending the day on a good note.

Somehow our first game Sunday was scheduled for 9:00 ... in the morning. Uf. Despite our competitive showing at the party we did return to the camping before the game for some reasonable hours of sleep. Our opponents for the final game of pool-play were SPICY DISC (Paris-Orléans-Gérone), a mixture of teams that included some familiar Disterix faces from the Liga Catalana, and who also held their own at the party. Both teams went in with identical records (1-2) and both teams were hungry to finish at least even in the first round to have a chance at playing for a higher classification, even if the finals were by now out of reach.

We knew how vitally important it would be to have some time to warm up in order to avoid a first-game slow start. Well whatever, that was never going to happen, not for a 9:00am game! Impressive enough that both teams arrived on time and as for the slow start, the shoe was on the other foot. The Bravas played calm steady disc from the beginning. SPICY seemed a bit off and we were taking advantage of turnovers without rushing or forcing things. Soon enough we had jumped out to a 5-0 lead. SPICY started to get it together and things tightened up quickly. With more defensive pressure on us the teams began to trade points. In the end, though, they couldn't climb out of the hole and the Bravas took the match with a four-point margin of victory.

That put us in a new group of four teams playing for 5th through 8th places. We had a good first game against BETTER THAN REX (Toulouse). We had started playing more in-front on defense to guard against the under cuts and in this game it really seemed to diminish their options and high stall counts were the norm. There was some back and forth in the score but at some point we got ahead and just needed to score the last point as time was running out to keep them from catching up and having to play a tie-breaking point. Bravas got downfield, pinned against the sideline in short range of the goal. Down the line pass ... receiver reaches out, toes on the line, face in the sand, caught! Score? Out? Out? Score? No agreement on that, but foul on the throw, so back to the thrower. Disk in! Stalling ... stalling ... cuts ... down the line pass ... caught! Score!!

Now it only remained to see whether we would play our friends the PEIXETS or MONKEY FOO for 5th place. Unfortunately, the PEIXETS lost their game in a squeaker and we had to face again the only team to give us a big loss in the tourney.

In preparation we turned to our secret weapon: pizza. Not taking any chances we got two instead of just one pie this time. And being in France, some crêpes were in order as well. Finally it was game time and we lined up against MONKEY starting on offense (I'm not sure if capitaine Nico lost even one flip during the entire tournament). The first point was ours but they answered with one of their own. We scored, they scored, we scored, they scored. Finally they started to score some breaks and fairly deep into the time we found ourselves down by three points. We got some cheering reinforcements from some Peixets who had come over after defeating REX for their final game. Between them and our own sidelines things got very animated, especially encouraging the team on defense. We scored, and now within two the intensity only increased. Another turn and another score, now down one. Only minutes to play. Before time runs out another turn and another score tied it up. Three points in a row with some key plays at key times --- a layout D here, pulling one down against all odds in the endzone there, and things just generally going our way.

So there it was, the last point of the tournament. We pulled and MONKEY took the disc. Calm and methodically they brought it down the field. Into the red zone they neared the goal. Bravas weren't giving them anything easy so the thrower looked for the dump. The pass behind and ... denied!  HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE D!!  Bravas take over and start going the other way in like fashion. Smart passes to well-timed cuts. Bravas never gave MONKEY another chance. Into the endzone we went and Bravas took 5th place overall.

I think everyone really enjoyed the tournament. Of course it didn't hurt our mood that after losing the first two games we went on to win the rest.  The level of the tournament seemed very good for the team we brought; we had a lot of good close games. The overall spirit was generally good and I would say that REX was a well-deserved SOTG winner. That said, while our women didn't have much problem matching up against opposing men, they did have to put up with some sharp elbows and got jostled a bit. I would definitely recommend this tournament to those who might prefer it over (or in addition to) some of the more highly competitive events.


SOTG: Better Than Rex (Toulouse)
VAINQUEUR: Team Space Balls (Paris)

Classement final:
1. Team Space Balls (Paris)
2. TDchiré (Clermont)
3. Discobols (Nîmes)
4. Klubultdulub (Perthuis)
5. Patatas Bravas (Barcelone)
6. Monkey 1 (Grenoble)
7. Peixets (Barcelone)
8. Better Than Rex (Toulouse)
9. Frisbee 66 (Perpignan) 10. Ziggles (Nice)
11. Spicy Disc (Pickup paris-orléan-gérone)
12. TDrunk (Clermont)
13. Université Paul Valery (Montpellier)
14. Discobols Denim (Nîmes)
15. Monkey 2 (Grenoble)

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