Abuela Summary

19 ABRIL 2010, por Miguel Rodriguez

(this is more or less what happened. I am omitting my Callahan-Greatest from the summary because words can’t do it justice.)

Short Version: 5/12

Bravas Players:
Montse (injured but very spirited, helped us a great deal with motivation and stats on the second day)
Helena (from Disterics)

Long Version:

1st Day

Bravas 10 - Quimeras 3
Good way to start the tournament. Quimeras were a young team with a little longer than 1 year of experience. We played our game, marking 'Man' the whole time, and it seemed to work. Quimeras made a lot of mistakes that we were able to capitalize on, and all in all, it was a nice feeling to win the first match. Unfortunately, Marti injured his legs so we were without him after this game.

Bravas 6 - Mubidisk 8
In the beginning, both teams were making a lot of turns. The score was tied 4-4 when Mubi started to score on Bravas mistakes, giving them the edge after cap was called. It rained a little bit in the beginning of the match, making catching/throwing a bit more difficult as well. A pretty intense but spirited match, and without Marti we were all getting a bit more tired.

Bravas 5 - Quijotes 7
Much like the Mubi game, things were tied around 3 or 4 when the Quijotes, who had about 20 players at the tournament, just had more stamina then us. Another intense but spirited match with good plays on both sides, but it seemed that the Quijotes had the deep game working for them better than the Bravas.

It should be mentioned here how nice the dinner/party was. A bus begin driving players over and back every 30mins from 9 onwards to a very nice tennis club, where there was an open bar for beer and wine, and where several players initiated large consumptions of alcohol. When we sat down, we then had a very nice 3 course dinner of pasta, steak and potatoes, then desert. Meanwhile, the wine kept flowing and everyone was having a good time. Also, Miguel, Parker, and Dillon, feeling the weight of responsibility on their young shoulders, made their way first to bed so as to get a good night's rest before their next matches.

2nd Day

Bravas 8 - Frisbillanes 7
In this match, the first of the morning, the Bravas were again able to play the game they wanted. Not many turnovers from our side, and the lead was 6-3 before we let down the intensity a bit, perhaps feeling the effects of the fun we had the night before. Overall a good game by us, mainly working the short game with a few exceptions.

Bravas 7 - Beefrees 6
By far the most exciting game by the Bravas all weekend. The Beefrees from Italy were a fun bunch to play against, and in the beginning they held a 5-2 lead over the Bravas through a good use of the deep game. Then the rain came and made it difficult to play, so Nico had the idea to try a cup against them. It worked wonderfully. We stopped them 3 times in a row to push the game to universe at 6 - 6 with Bravas on defense. Another great use of the cup forced a turn and we were able to score, winning a very hard-fought and intense game against the Italians.

Corocotta won the tournament against Quijotes in a great final, while Mubidisc took third in another great match against Guayotas.

Dizcu took SOTG.

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