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25-26 MayoCE :: Césped :: Open (1ª y 2ª div)
25-26 MayoCE :: Césped :: Women
1-2 JunCE :: Césped :: Mixed 2ª División
8-9 JunCE :: Césped :: Mixed 1ª División
8-10 JunTalampaya
28-29 SeptCalafell Arena 2019

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Última noticia: ¡Campeones! Bravas Win Spanish Nationals!

31 marzo 2019

Bravas mixed took home the gold in the Campeonato de España held on the beaches of Castelldefels. Winning all of their matches in both the group and elimination phases amidst a strong field of 16 teams, the home team faced Fendisk in the finals, coming away with a 9-6 victory. [leer más]

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